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Purpose Driven Self Defense

The terms self defense and martial arts are considered pretty much interchangeable in New Hampshire. However, self defense is a specific subject that should be distinguished from generalized martial arts. There are many benefits of martial arts training, and varying systems focus on different objectives, such as studying harmony, developing powerful punches, or competition.

Many popular systems of martial arts have an underlying theme of developing speed, power, & toughness in order to develop fighters. Other modern systems focus on building confidence and self esteem through awarding belts.

For their intents and purposes, many of these systems work very well.

However, in the realm of self defense, it is highly probably that the individual defending oneself will not be faster, stronger, tougher, or more aggressive than ones assailant. Most people who practice very tough styles of martial arts were tough people before their first class. Those who were not natural fighters got weeded out very quickly.

Confidence and self esteem that are based purely on the achievement of belts quickly disintegrate in real life physical altercations. It is certainly better to have some self esteem, than none, but real confidence is based on ability, not awards.

Thus, in our KAPAP Self Defense class in Londonderry, we assume that the assailant will be larger and stronger and that an attack will be a practical test of skill. We teach the difference between sport combat scenarios versus self defense situations and how to develop winning strategies. The entire KAPAP system is based on a powerful way of analyzing problems and creating intuitive solutions.

Most importantly, KAPAP does not rely on strength or aggression and is enjoyed by women and men of all ages and sizes from all areas of New Hampshire including Raymond, Hollis, and Salem, NH.

Contact Ken Akiyama for more information on joining a KAPAP class or on how to become a certified KAPAP Self Defense Instructor under the Founder of KAPAP: Avi Nardia.