Akiyama Dojo

Case Study: Andy

40 yrs ago I was introduced to the Martial Arts in New York City.  Although I’ve studied various styles in both karate and kung fu, I found myself constantly disenchanted and disappointed with the methods and philosophies of the particular Dojos, that is, until I discovered Akiyama Martial Arts.  My previous experiences with the Martial arts left a deep rooted hunger to find the Right Dojo, the Right Teacher and the Right Practical Martial Arts Methods – Kapap (the KravMaga philosophy of PRACTICAL Common-Sense Self-Defense) and Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) – The predominant PRACTICAL Martial Arts of the ground game.

Sensei Ken Akiyama’s PRACTICAL teaching methods are Inspiring, Enriching, and most of all a Cerebral and Physical Practicality – huh?.   Cerebral and Physical Practicality??  CEREBRAL – Sensei Ken’s philosophy allows the students to discern and learn techniques at the student’s own pace – akin to a infant child learning to take its first baby steps.  Sensei will describe and build techniques – starting from the fundamentals to the more advanced practical real-world application of that particular technique.   Physical Practicality – Sensei Ken will introduce the students to challenging physical exercises that not only support the techniques being taught but also strengthen the student’s endurance and balance.  Every movement, and every new technique builds upon the previous one to reinforce the applications being taught.

In addition to the teachings at the Dojo’s, one is also met with a very inviting and friendly environment.  All students are respectful and supportive of one another.  The more advanced and skilled of the pack are quick to aid the younger students in the understanding and development of their new-found skills…

15 years ago I was struck with a debilitating illness that not only left me dependent on an EPI-PEN for at least a year, but also served as a catalyst for the downward spiral of my overall health and self-esteem for the next 10 years..  In fact my health hit it’s optimal downward peak when I could barely walk up a flight of 3 steps and my blood pressure became sporadic throughout the ensuing years…  But although as debilitating as my illness was it also was a God-Send..  It set me on a course of self-healing and self-discovery.  A journey that introduced me to healthy eating and inspired me to restore and rebuild my vitality, endurance and inner strength which ultimately led me back to the Martial Arts.

Thanks to Sensei Ken’s inspiration and his BJJ and Kapap dojo’s, I’ve rediscovered my love for the Martial Arts; but also, at 56, I have been blessed with the endurance and vitality of a 30 year old.   In addition, I’ve found that my self-esteem is no longer an impediment but rather has become my source for positive empowerment and control of how I now confront and handle obstacles in both my personal and professional life.  I’ve learned to deal and handle stress with the fluidity of a Tai Chi Master.  I’ve also have become tuned to how the knowledge gained in the Dojo may be applied to not only everyday stressful situations but rather can also be utilized to control and redirect daily negatives which until now seemed to have had the upper hand..  In essence, I’ve obtained a sense of calmness and spiritual vitality that now have become the life-force of my well-being and enhanced self-esteem..  All this, thanks to the teachings and philosophies of the Akiyama Martial Arts.

I’m grateful and thankful to Sensei Ken Akiyama for reaching out to me when he did and re-igniting my passion for the Martial Arts..  “For one to fully receive the full benefits and fruits when pursuing studies in the Martial Arts, one needs to fully immerse oneself in the spirit of the philosophy and style that is being taught.  If one doesn’t believe in what one is learning then it becomes an impediment to letting it become – A Way of Life!”.

Akiyama Martials Arts has become my “Way of Life”!