What People Are Saying About Akiyama Dojo?

"I’ve obtained a sense of calmness and spiritual vitality that now have become the life-force of my well-being and enhanced self-esteem.. All this, thanks to the teachings and philosophies of Akiyama Dojo."
"Ken’s way of communicating and teaching is compassionate and kind, with the focus on learning correctly and at the student’s pace. It felt like my introduction to martial arts was tailored to me, and I still receive the careful attention I received when I first started lessons."
"Whether you are looking for a great place to train or just piece of mind in a crazy world. Learn from the best around and give Ken a call. You won't regret it."


To inspire empowered perspectives through self defense and martial arts.


Four cornerstones: patience, professionalism, proficiency, and ethics.

Our Solution

Enjoy learning a holistic system of self defense that resonates with your personality.

Akiyama Dojo is a private martial arts school offering classes in self defense, krav maga, karate, jiu jitsu, and kendo.

Most new members begin without any prior experience and joining Akiyama Dojo is straight forward and easy. With that said, all new applicants are carefully screened in order to maintain our positive and professional training environment.

Akiyama Dojo provides quality instruction to maximize your results. Whether you need to learn self defense in the shortest time possible, or you are interested in pursuing a rewarding leisure activity, Akiyama Dojo has a program designed toward your goals.

Patience, Kindness and Knowledge

As a professional teacher, I get the greatest thrill from empowering others with skills that improve their everyday lives. Whereas fighting is only the most basic form of self defense, I prefer to teach people how win without fighting. That is my skill, that is my art.
  • I'm proud to say that my school is full of everyday people who choose to study and improve themselves.
  • I am happy to teach powerful self defense skills in a way that is fun, approachable, and intriguing.
  • And I am impassioned by the kindness and good will that my students express, each day.


Ken_Akiyama“Kensei” is a leading representative of the world’s modern and traditional martial arts. He is a black belt in several systems, an Army NCO Veteran and holds a BA in psychology from SNHU. Ken has traveled the world, likes to make people laugh, and reveals surprisingly profound perspectives in every class he teaches.

Ken has coauthored articles on new applications of old school knowledge with works published in seven languages. He also enjoys working on selected photography projects and has had work published in books, magazines, and on the cover of the 2014 Harvard, MA phonebook.

Ken is a native of Londonderry, NH and resides in the area with his wife and two sons.

  • Yog Jitsu – Founder
  • KAPAP Instructor Level 4 – Avi Nardia
  • Black Belt – KAPAP Krav Maga
  • Black Belt – Israeli Jiu Jitsu
  • Brown Belt – Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Black Belt – Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu
  • Black Belt – Goju Ryu Karatedo
  • Black Belt – Shorin Ryu Karatedo
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – SNHU
  • Sergeant, U.S. Army
  • 1st in Class – 7th Army NCO Academy
  • Yoga Teacher – Nasik, India
  • Qigong Teacher – Beijing, China
Budo Magazine Japan
Machado BJJ Visit 2016

Why Akiyama?

Here's why Akiyama Martial Arts is the best school for you!
Peaceful Philosophy
Personally Paced
Creative Latitude
Relieves Stress
Modern Tactics
Simply Wonderful