Akiyama Dojo

Jiu Jitsu

Avi_BJJ_LogoStudy the art of jiu jitsu in a non-competitive, safe, and welcoming atmosphere!

Our jiu jitsu classes are designed to improve your overall well-being by relieving stress, improving your health, and providing deep insight into this fascinating martial art. If you are interested in studying non-competitive jiu jitsu, while developing profound strength and range of motion, then this is the class for you.

Our system is based on the probability that an aggressor will be larger and stronger than you.

We train lots of cool drills at Akiyama Dojo

Therefore, you will learn how to use leverage, structure, and outside-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. That’s a big difference from BJJ styles that focus on a crushing, tug-o-war style. At Akiyama Martial Arts, you will improve your balance, mental acuity, core strength, and breath control.

A typical class includes 15 minutes of tension release exercises to help you shed the stress from your day and reset your mind and body. Once you’re feeling nice, we train about 15 minutes of core strength and mobility, followed by 30 minutes of drills that include sweeps, escapes, reversals, and submission techniques. The instructional portion of the class is followed by 30-45 minutes of sparring, so you can practice putting all of your skills together.

Our overall philosophy at Akiyama Martial Arts is centered on professionalism and patience. When you study jiu jitsu with us, you will gain physical power, inner calm, and an indomitable spirit – guaranteed!

The secret toward mastering jiu jitsu is in the movement, breath, and flow. Our jiu jitsu program will improve your everyday life!