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Group classes and private lessons available.

Akiyama Martial Arts is a professional school of self defense and martial arts. Easy to access, fun to learn, and customizable toward your goals.

KAPAP Krav Maga

KAPAP does not depend upon strength or aggression to solve problems. You will find that studying KAPAP will not only improve your confidence and physical safety, but it will also greatly enhance your everyday lifestyle, personal relationships, and career success.

The KAPAP system of Krav Maga is highly distinguished from other systems of Krav Maga. While other systems focus on aggression and force, we draw from a great depth of knowledge in order to teach you how to leverage your best attributes in the fight for your life. You will appreciate our highly efficient teaching methods and deep knowledge to focus on what is important about each technique and how to perform the movements correctly.

When your life depends upon your skill, KAPAP Krav Maga is your best defense.

Despite what others may claim, most martial arts programs are not self defense! They are either hobbies or fitness programs. KAPAP is a modern system developed specifically for Israel’s elite special forces.

  • KAPAP is for the police
  • KAPAP is for the special forces
  • and KAPAP is for civilians, like you!

When the best of the best want to improve their skills and knowledge they come to KAPAP,  and so should you.

Now you can start learning KAPAP Krav Maga in Londonderry, New Hampshire with one of the top certified instructors in the world!


Truth & Knowledge

Einstein is often credited for having said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Whether Einstein actually said that or not, these wise words aptly explain why so many systems of self-defense will fail under pressure; they are either too simple, or too complicated. Most of our students do not have the time or desire for years of study into esoteric martial arts; they need to develop a good level of ability in a concise manner.

Why Akiyama?

Here's why Akiyama Martial Arts is the best school for you!
Peaceful Philosophy
Personally Paced
Creative Latitude
Relieves Stress
Modern Tactics
Simply Wonderful

What are people saying?

"I've found that my self-esteem is no longer an impediment but rather has become my source for positive empowerment and control of how I now confront and handle obstacles in both my personal and professional life. I've also have become atuned to how the knowledge gained in the Dojo may be applied to everyday stressful situations." Read more...
"Andy" Engineer
"From my first phone call to AMA, asking questions about classes and how I could possibly start learning about self defense and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to my first in-person meeting with Ken Akiyama, until now, I have been consistently, impressed by the warmth, cordiality, helpfulness, and atmosphere of respect, which I have experienced as a student and member." Read more...
"Maria" Sales Executive
I really appreciate the philosophy and subtle details of Akiyama ju jitsu. I know a lot of jiu jitsu schools are very rough but this style is so fascinating... Gentle, yet powerful and effective. That's what I want to learn!"
Happy Student
Happy Student Graphic Artist
"Making the me time to learn self defense has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've made in a long time. I love it!"
Happy Student
Happy Student School Teacher
I was overweight with 38" waist and taking medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and pre diabetes. Kind of a human ticking time bomb. Five years later, and my waistline is now 28" and I'm off all the meds. Truth be known, this has saved my life. It's not always easy but you will end up feeling fantastic, I guarantee you that.
"Russ" Executive
"Due to a threatening person I am dealing with, I was a wreck before I started learning at Akiyama Dojo. I can't tell you how much more calm I already feel. The energy at Akiyama Dojo is phenomenal and I feel like I'm starting down a path in which I could learn to better protect myself against a real threat."