Avi_BJJ_LogoStudy the art of jiu jitsu in a non-competitive, safe, and welcoming atmosphere!

Our jiu jitsu classes are designed to improve your overall well-being by relieving stress, improving your health, and providing deep insight into this fascinating martial art. If you are interested in studying the art of jiu jitsu, while developing profound internal strength, peace, and total health, then you will love our program.

Although you will gain tremendous skill for defending yourself in grappling situations, our jiu jitsu classes are not oriented toward competition or MMA fighting. Our dojo is a great place to enjoy the journey of studying Jiu Jitsu at your own pace. We are very proud of our school culture and class environment that attracts like minded team members.

There are two ways to train martial arts; internal style and external style.

At Akiyama Dojo, our jiu jitsu classes are in the style of internal martial arts. That means that you will learn jiu jitsu in a relaxing environment from inside, outward.

We train lots of cool drills.

Finding a jiu jitsu that fits your personality is paramount.

You will learn how to use leverage, structure, and outside-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. As you progress in jiu jitsu at Akiyama Dojo, your body awareness, coordination, mental acuity, and spacial awareness will improve dramatically. While our classes are not “sweat til you drop” you will notice a consistent trend of improvement in your health.

A typical class begins with Movement Intelligence exercises that build strength and mobility while de-stressing your mind. Classes include a wide variety of intuitive drills that teach you the the essential movements and principles of Jiu Jitsu. You will also learn sweeps, escapes, reversals, and submission techniques. The instructional portion of the class is typically followed by light sparring so you can practice putting all of your skills together. Class teachers arrange all sparring matches and supervise in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. As you progress, the length and intensity of your training increases gradually.

Our philosophy at Akiyama Dojo is centered on professionalism and patience. When you study jiu jitsu with us, you will gain physical power, inner calm, and an indomitable spirit – guaranteed!

The secret toward mastering jiu jitsu is in the movement, breath, and flow. Our jiu jitsu program will improve your everyday life.